Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #243

Another not exactly a Cub report. Today we continued painting the chapter hangar. We had a smaller group and only worked until around noon. Still, we made some good progress. We worked mainly on the long east side of the hangar. There's still plenty to do, but we're definitely nearing the finish line. A few things did happen with the Cub this past week. Neil thinks he found and fixed a leak in the paint booth's exhaust system that was causing fumes to get into his office and shop. So we're cleared to try doing some more painting on the fuselage next week. A paint shop near Neil's business painted a lot of our metal parts for us including the cowlings and fairings. They look great. New parts for our tailwheel arrived so we should be able to complete the overhaul of that soon. The next work session will be Wednesday, April 10th.
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