Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #242

Not sure if this actually qualifies as a Cub report. Today a small group of us spent most of our time cleaning up the chapter house in preparation for tomorrow's meeting. There was a lot to be done. We have finished a number of major projects on the Cub including all of the fabric work except painting. So a lot of what we did today involved putting away or disposing of things that we will no longer need going forward - at least until the next project. On Monday we sprayed the first coat of Poly-Brush on the fuselage. Unfortunately, the fumes from our work were somehow leaking over into Neil's offices and shop. Right now, the cause is unknown, so we are having to pause or modify our work until the issue is sorted out. Today we also spent a little while admiring the newly painted exterior of the chapter house. There is still more painting to do and Mark has obtained another five gallons of paint. With a good turnout Saturday, we should be able to make short work of it.
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