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Cub Work Session #238

The fuselage is now nearly ready for the paint booth. Today we did a lot of ironing of pinked tape edges. A new member, Raegan Buzzard, joined us today and did a lot of that task. The other big job today was finishing the installation of tapes around the cabin. This included the somewhat tricky process of installing a metal strip along a cabin tube where it meets the leading edge of the door. This strip is sealed in place with a two inch tape and helps fill the gap between the frame and the door. The idea is to help keep air from coming from into the cabin, but in a Cub this might constitute wishful thinking. We still have one tape and a final brush coat of Poly-Brush on some tapes to apply, but that should not take very long, so we still plan to move the fuselage to the paint booth during the next work session which will be on Wednesday, March 20th at 9:30.
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