Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #235

Today we began the process of applying tapes and inspection rings to the fuselage. The process is the same as on the wings. First a bed coat of Poly-Brush is applied where the tapes will go and allowed to dry. Then the tape is laid into another wet coat of Poly-Brush followed by a dry brush that forces the Poly-Brush up through the tape. There aren't many tapes on the fuselage, but they're very long. Once the tapes are dry, an iron is used to smooth down the pinked edges of the tape. Meanwhile, two rib laces were put in near the top of the vertical stabilizer. Also, some of the many frames for inspection and access ports were installed in the tail area. These are plastic frames that are glued in place and then covered with fabric doilies. Earlier in the week at the spray booth we finally finished a wing. It is very yellow. The next work session will be Saturday, March 9th at 9:30.
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