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Cub Work Session #233

Most of today was spent doing the initial 250 degree shrinking of the fuselage fabric. But first, we performed a procedure recommended by Clyde Smith (the Cub Doctor) to offset the tail fin slightly. We ran a string from along the top of the tail fin to a point 3 inches left of centerline at the top of the windshield. After carefully sighting this line, we decided that the correction seemed to already exist. If memory serves, this airplane never had any noticeable tendency to turn in the past, which further confirms our conclusion. That decided, we began the process of shrinking the fabric. Here we soon ran into a problem with modern household irons. It seems that when they are vertical they automatically shut off. This is apparently some sort of safety feature. As we used them they kept cycling on and off so it was difficult to keep a consistent temperature, which is very important in this step. Once we realized what was going on, we started rotating the fuselage so that the iron could be used horizontally most of the time. Slowly, the fabric began to conform to the shape of the fuselage and the seams all stayed pretty much in place. Next time we will do the final 350 degree tightening, followed by cleaning with MEK, and a base coat of Poly-Brush. The next work session will be Saturday, March 2nd at 9:30.
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