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Cub Work Session #232

We had a fun day on the Cub project today. In addition to the work session, we had a Young Eagles rally going on. So we had a lot of new visitors with lots of questions. Mark Pankratz, Dean Stickell, and Janet Davidson each brought their planes and gave rides. Meanwhile, we completed the final steps of trimming, fitting, and gluing the fuselage fabric. This included the top of the tail fin and the tricky areas around the cabin. The next step will be to check the offset of the vertical stabilizer according to the Cub Doctor's instructions and then begin shrinking the fabric. At the paint booth, a coat of white Poly-Tone was added to the wing. The final coats of Yellow Ranthane will be next. When we finished at the paint booth, Neil Dickinson took us over to his house where he is well along on his Bearhawk project. Neil has certainly done some impressive workmanship on that airplane. The next work session will be Wednesday, February 27th at 9:30.
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