Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #230

More slow but steady progress on covering the fuselage today. We first had to correct a minor mistake from the last work session. When the bottom sides at the tail were glued last time, one side was pulled a little farther than the other. The result was to pull the seam slightly off center. Luckily, there are no mistakes MEK won’t fix. We simply wet the seam with MEK, pulled it apart and re-glued it in the correct place. We then turned the plane on its side to begin covering the tail fin. Once everything was trimmed and clamped in place, we turned the fuselage right side up and began work on the cabin area. The area around the door and windows is complicated. In a lot of places the fabric is glued inside window channels. Anticipating this, Tom Crone fabricated some metal blades to help push fabric and glue smoothly into the channels. They worked great. Before gluing around the door opening, we test fit the door to make sure everything fit properly. No problems there. By the time we quit for the day, most of the fabric around the cabin was complete. Work will resume on Saturday, February 16th at 9:30.
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