Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #228

Covering of the fuselage continued today. Again, it involved lots of fitting, trimming, and gluing. A good turnout meant that we could work on several sections at once. We focused mainly on the front at first to really anchor the envelope in place. Before we finished for the day, we had also begun gluing the bottom panel at the tail. We stopped early to clean up for tomorrow's chapter meeting. Earlier in the week we finally resumed painting at the spray booth. The new gun works great. We sprayed the final coat of Poly-Brush (the pink stuff) on Monday and the first cross-coat of silver Poly-Spray on Tuesday. We hope to spray on a more regular basis so that the wing will be finished by the time the fuselage is ready for the spray booth. The next work session will be Saturday, February 9th at 9:30.
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