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Cub Work Session #227

Another milestone today, as we began cementing the fuselage envelope to the airframe. Before we could start gluing, a couple of other projects had to be completed. Robert completed the connections for wiring the ELT switch, a job that would be much more difficult once the fabric is installed. In the back of the cabin, just ahead of the baggage compartment on either side, are two small triangular areas where the interior fabric did not lay flat. The wrinkles were due to the fact that, because of where the seat sling passes through, there is no real support to stiffen the fabric at that point. Not satisfied with the way that looked, we decided to try gluing aluminum plates to the undersides give those areas more support. It worked great. While still not perfect, those areas look much better now. With those tasks complete, we began cementing fabric to the airframe starting with the forward end of the belly. It is a slow process with lots of trimming, fitting, and gluing, but because the envelope fits so well, the process is going smoothly. On Monday, painting will resume at the spray booth now that we have a new spray gun and the weather is improving. Work will continue on the fuselage on Wednesday, February 6th at 9:30.
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