Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #226

We had another good turnout today in spite of the cold, snow, and wind. Tom Crone fabricated a heavy metal bar and chain attachment that was bolted to the tail wheel bracket. Jim Feighny brought over his engine hoist. The hoist was connected to the Tom's bar so that the fuselage could be easily rotated while we install the exterior fabric. It worked great. We then began final preparations for covering. Around the cabin, there are places where the exterior fabric overlaps the existing interior fabric. Since the interior had already been painted with Ranthane, we needed to mask off and sand the overlap areas to remove the Ranthane layer so the Poly-Tak glue would adhere to the underlying compatible Poly-Tone. Window channels were checked to be sure they were open enough for fabric and glass. Some screws in the floorboard were replaced. The fabric envelope was then fitted into place so that all the seams were where they should be and the first areas to cut and glue were marked. Actual cementing of the fabric to the airframe will begin on Saturday, February 2nd at 9:30. On another note, we got good news regarding a hangar for the Cub. Hangar 11, right next door to the chapter house, became available and we took it. So the Cub won’t become homeless after all when the south hangars are torn down this summer.
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