Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #225

A great turnout today resulted in a lot of interesting discussion, decisions, and progress. One of the last remaining tasks left on the fuselage before covering was the final decision regarding the routing of various wires followed by the fabrication of the connectors to hook everything up. That was accomplished today. The radio and antenna installation was again tested and found to be good. Meanwhile, we began wrestling with our fuselage envelope which goes on from the rear like a huge sock. It sounds simple, but it took many hands to maneuver the thing into position and clamp it in place. In the end we were greatly impressed by the quality of the envelope. It fits perfectly. The last detail of the left wing was also completed today with the finishing of drain grommets. A lot of good discussion near the end revolved around how to suspend the tail so that the fuselage can be rotated and the fabric around the tail glued in place. The solution involves some parts to be engineered by Tom Crone and an engine hoist provided by Jim Feighny. Jerry also brought in our newly acquired spray gun, so spraying should resume shortly. The next work session will be Wednesday, January 30th at 9:30.
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