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Cub Work Session #224

Some exciting progress on the Cub today. Since installing the exterior fabric makes a lot of things inside the fuselage inaccessible, a thorough final inspection was necessary. We first mounted the fuselage on our rotisserie and then rotated the fuselage to inspect, clean, and do final adjustments to all of the stringers which give the fabric skin of the fuselage its shape. The other major final inspection involved the trim mechanism. In order to be sure the jackscrew was working properly and the trim indicator was calibrated correctly, the airplane had to be leveled and the horizontal stabilizers temporarily installed. The trim crank handle was permanently installed and the entire system was tested and found to be in good shape. Meanwhile, we added drain grommets to the left wing, a step we had missed earlier. Once the fuselage seemed ready for covering, we opened the fuselage fabric envelope, which came in a surprisingly small box. We laid out the envelope on three tables covered with plastic. On Saturday, we will determine the final routing for antenna wires and then begin the process of covering the fuselage. The next work session will be Saturday, January 26th at 9:30.
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