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Cub Work Session #223

There was very little actual work on the Cub today, but a lot was accomplished nonetheless. The final installation and rigging of the fuel shutoff cable was done and the mount for the radio and intercom was painted. Beyond that, we spent most of the time on organization. Knowing that we had to put everything away for this weekend0's workshop, we decided to do some cleaning and reorganization of parts and tools. Mark brought in a set of shelves that we assembled and dedicated to Cub parts. We filled the rolling tool chests with our tools along with some of the donated tools that had been buried in the back in boxes. Even so, we could use another such chest for more of the donated tools. Once everything was cleaned up and put away, we moved the fuselage and wing into the back corner and began doing some preliminary setup for the workshop. The rest of the setup will take place on Friday, January 18th at 1:00. The next Cub work session will be Wednesday, January 23rd at 9:30.
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