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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #221

The focus today was on a lot of small details that need to be accomplished before the exterior fabric goes on. Plates were installed in the cabin along with the new carb heat cable. A quick drain required by an AD was installed in the fuel tank. A lot of time was also spent deciding on where and how we are going to mount the radio and intercom. After much discussion, we finally settled on an aluminum bracket that will fit over the left longeron between the throttles. Jerry made up a sort of prototype and it looks pretty good. We then needed to figure out the routing for the comm antenna. The solution we arrived at hides the wire for most of its length except where it will run down along a window channel to the radio. A new hole was created in the ground plane plate to accommodate the routing of the antenna. There are still a few more details to take care of, but work on the exterior fabric should begin soon. Meanwhile, the Clyde Smith, the Cub Doctor, is sending us recommendations for a new spray system. Hopefully, painting in the spray booth will resume shortly. The next work session will be Saturday, January 12th at 9:30.
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