Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #219

The Cub started off the new year with steady progress on a couple of fronts. The wing is very nearly finished. A lot of ironing of tape edges was done today along with the laying in of the last of the trailing edge tapes. The only thing left to do is iron the tapes added today and put a second coat of Poly-Brush on some of the span-wise tapes. Meanwhile, the fuel tank got a lot of attention. The plumbing that goes on the bottom of the tank is a complicated affair that we had some difficulty with last time we put it together. The trick is to get the fuel shutoff valve, which is different from the original, to line up so that the cable can operate the valve correctly. As you can see from the photos, there is not much room to work with under there. Some work was also done on the baggage compartment frame, which is really coming out nice. A couple of us also took a short trip to a place that sells paint guns. We came away from that discussion with a little more information, but no paint gun. We decided to call the Clyde Smith, the Cub Doctor to get his recommendations. He had a specific gun system in mind and will get back to us soon with the particulars.
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