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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #218

A large turnout today resulted in a lot of good progress on the Cub. Work on the wing continued with more ironing of tape edges and more taping around the edges. This included the delicate and challenging job of laying in the tape that covers the wing tip bow. It came out great. Another task was the final installation of the fuel tank. The tank had been put in last time, but adjustments were needed to be sure the filler neck is centered in the boot cowl opening. The first thing we discovered was that the fuel tank was in backwards. But by the time everything was finally done, the tank was centered and complete. Work also continued on the metal frame for the baggage compartment. Mike Hendricks is fabricating new parts for that. Meanwhile, Robert Johnson was diligently working on fabricating the wires and connectors for the ELT and radio antennas. Yet another milestone completion was the assembly of the instrument panel. Compared to what most folks are dealing with on their homebuilt projects, the Cub panel is pretty simple and straightforward. At one point, Steve Gross taxied by in his newly painted RV. So we included a photo here. It really looks great! The next work session will be Wednesday, January 2nd at 9:30.
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