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Cub Work Session #217

We had a small group today, but still managed to make good progress on the Cub. More ironing and more tapes were added to the wing. There are only a few tapes left before the wing will be ready for the paint booth. The metal strip for the back of the baggage compartment was finished with a wood strip backing. Also, a template was created for making a new metal side piece that frames the baggage compartment. The magneto wires were installed and tested. All of the bolts and screws that go through the floorboards were checked and tightened. Near the end of the session, the fuel tank was mounted in place. We are nearing the point of having everything ready for external fabric. Earlier in the week we paid a visit to the paint booth to see if we could trouble-shoot the spray gun. After complete disassembly and a phone call to the Poly-Fiber folks, it was determined that the gun needs a thorough cleaning and a different size needle. Parts are on order. Due to the holidays, there will be no work sessions on the 22nd or 26th. The next work session will be Saturday, December 29th at 9:30.
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