Chapter 524

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Cub Work Session #216

Steady progress continued on the Cub today. On the wing, the long process of taping continued with more ironing of pinked edges and the application of some span-wise tapes. Meanwhile three different projects proceeded on the fuselage. The new baggage compartment lid has a gap that runs along the back edge. To fill that gap, Mike and Jim made and fitted a metal strip that will match the existing metal pieces that frame the baggage compartment. The cabin control system was completed with the final installation of the torque tube and control stick assembly. Another thing that needs to be done before external fabric can go on is the installation of wiring for the mags and antennas. Robert worked on moving that project forward. Earlier in the week two of us went to the paint booth to apply the first spray coat of Poly-Brush to the wing. We accomplished that task, but in the process experienced a possible problem with the spray gun. As you can see if you look closely at the photo, it would only put out a narrow band of paint. Next week we will look into whether it is a problem with the gun or (more likely) a problem with the operator. The next work session will be Wednesday, December 19th at 9:30.
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