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Cub Work Session #201

Good progress continued today on the left wing. After ironing all the glued surfaces smooth for the bottom fabric, work began on the butt rib and wing tip bow. The tip bow is especially tricky because of the curve, but the guys did a beautiful job. The wing is now ready for the top fabric. We also covered the finished right wing with plastic in preparation for taking it to the paint booth. In the midst of all this work we had some visitors. A young lady and her two small children happened upon our work session and were very interested in everything that we were doing. Jerry also took them over to look at the Zodiac. Definitely a couple of future young eagles. We also paused work to admire Jerry's new car. It is an all electric Chevy Bolt that goes over 200 miles on a single charge. After lunch, Jerry and I went over to the paint booth and applied two coats of white Poly-Tone to the cabin interior. That is the final step before we begin spraying the final two coats of yellow Ranthane. The next work session will be Saturday, October 20th at 9:30.
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