Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Est. 1975

Cub Work Session #198

Today began with the tricky job of pulling a bias tape around the wing tip bow. Mark and Joe made it look easy. One more tape along the spar on top of the wing and some more tape ironing is all that is left for the right wing. Meanwhile, prep work continued on the left wing. Cleaning, inspecting, and making minor adjustments took most of the time. We then gave all the metal leading and trailing edges a coat of Poly-Brush to serve as a bed for glueing the fabric. There is little left to do before we will begin covering that wing. We stopped work a little early to clean up for tomorrow?s chapter meeting. Work in the paint booth is still lagging behind. The interior needs to be painted white and then we will begin the final coats of yellow. The next work session will be Saturday, October 6th at 9:30.
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