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Cub Work Session #197

We had enough people today to work on two projects. The covered wing is just about ready for the paint booth. Today was mostly spent on the slow process of ironing out bubbles, wrinkles, and rough edges on tapes. At Joe's suggestion, we used parchment paper to protect the fabric surface from any glue or Poly-Brush that may have built up on the irons. We also gave some of the more recent tapes another coat of Poly-Brush and did the first steps involving the bias tape that goes around the wing tip bow. Work on that wing will probably be completed on Wednesday. Meanwhile, we set out the uncovered wing and began inspecting and cleaning it in preparation for covering. It has been sitting for some months in the Cub hangar which is not the cleanest environment, but it seems to be in pretty good shape. Some light cleaning with acetone and a little touch up painting with epoxy primer is all it seems to need before covering can begin. Work was brought to a halt for a time when Janet brought her RV-7 over for a visit. She took Mark Sarrasin up for a ride. She wanted also to remind folks that she needs volunteers to sign up to help with the Women in Aviation event on October 13th. We discussed maybe bringing some part of the Cub project down there to display. The next work session will be Wednesday, October 3rd at 9:30.
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