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Cub Work Session #196

The process of taping the wing continued today. This time it was the long span-wise tapes that run along the leading edge, trailing edges, and spars. We first spent some time going over all the tapes from last time ironing out bubbles and smoothing out pinked edges. We then pre-coated the areas that will get new tapes. After that, it was just a matter of laying in a wet coat of Poly-Brush in sections and then dry brushing the tapes into the wet Poly-Brush. The process went pretty quickly. Realizing that this wing would soon be finished and ready for the spray booth, we decided to bring up the other wing from the Cub hangar. In the spray booth, all of the control surfaces have gotten one coat of white Poly-Tone. Unfortunately, the white did not cover the underlying silver very well, so another coat will be needed. The next work session will be Saturday, September 29th at 9:30.
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