Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #195

The last several work sessions have seen great progress on the wing. Once inspection rings and other reinforcements were applied and ironed smooth, the next big step is tapes. The first set to go on are the tapes over the ribs that cover the rib lacing. The tapes are cut so that they are a single piece that wraps all the way around the wing on each rib. A bed of Poly-Brush is applied where the tape will go on one side of the wing and allowed to dry. Then a wet coat of Poly-Brush is applied on top of that and the tape laid into it, followed by a dry brush that presses the tape into the wet Poly-Brush. Once they are all done, the wing is turned over and the process repeated on the other side. As of today, this has been completed. Meanwhile, the ailerons were completed today with the addition of drain grommets. The next step on the wing will be span-wise tapes. Today a first coat of white Poly-Tone was also sprayed on one side of the control surfaces. There will be no work session on Saturday, September 22nd. The next work session will be Wednesday, September 26th.
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