Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #185

Further progress was made on the wing and ailerons today. One aileron is now covered and was being ironed, while the other was beginning to have fabric glued in place. Several of us tried our hand at rib lacing on the practice frame. Luckily Mark Sarassin did a lot of practicing at Oshkosh and was able to set us straight. Still more practice needed before we attack the wing. We also finalized the hole pattern on the wing for the rib laces. A couple of measurement errors created quite a puzzle to figure out. Part way through our session a gentleman and his wife arrived to donate to the chapter a complete set of tools for constructing an RV6. It looks like another chapter project will be organizing our tool growing tool collection. The next work session will be Wednesday, August 8th at 9:30.
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