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Cub Work Session #176

Today we focused on preparing the wing for the top fabric. Work also continued sanding and polishing smooth the epoxy material that was used to fill some small dents in the ailerons. Joe spent a lot of time meticulously shaping and gluing fabric around the wingtip bow. The curve makes this a tricky job. Some thinned glue and an iron were used to smooth out small wrinkles and imperfections in the fabric where it attaches to the leading edge. The one internal aileron cable was secured so that we can get at it through an inspection panel after the wing is finished. With all of that nearly completed, we may be ready to put the top fabric on next time. On Tuesday morning, if the weather cooperates, some of us are going to try to meet at Neil's shop at 9:00 to finally begin spraying the fuselage interior and tail surfaces. The next regular work session will be Wednesday, June 20th at 9:30. Part of that session will be devoted to getting the hangar ready for the workshop taking place next weekend.
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