Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #172

Today we worked on the early stages of covering a wing. We turned the wing over and cleaned all of the metal with acetone. Everything was inspected and a couple of minor repairs/adjustments were made. Anti-chafe tape was then applied to all the screw heads and sharp edges, as has already been done on the top of the wing. We then mixed up a thinned batch of Poly-Brush and painted all of the large metal surfaces. This will provide a sort of bed for the fabric as layers of paint are applied on top. Meanwhile, fabric pieces were prepared and glued to the butt rib which will give the wing fabric a better surface for gluing to the structure. Chris Gunther also finished installing the last of the new LED lights in the Chapter house. The new lighting makes a huge difference. Work will continue on the wing on Wednesday, June 6th at 9:30. Painting of the fuselage interior and control surfaces will begin as time and conditions permit.
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