Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #165

The slow process of taping the interior and control surfaces is nearing an end. On the cabin interior it was decided that the seams at the back corners were not straight enough. There are some structural obstacles behind these seams and it is difficult to shrink the fabric so that the seam doesn't pull out of line one way or the other. The solution arrived at was to make two thin aluminum plates that will be glued in to cover the seams and then be covered with wide tape. It was also found that the trim cables are rubbing slightly against the interior fabric. The plan is to somehow attach a piece of phenolic as a buffer to prevent the cable from eventually rubbing through. Work also continued on taping the edges of control surfaces. The most challenging of these is the rudder which has more curve than the others. Finishing the rudder and adding more drain grommets is all that is left to do before spraying is begun. Meanwhile, Chris Gunther and Mark Gosselin were working to install new LED lighting for the Chapter hangar. They are significantly brighter than the old lights. There was also more discussion of next steps. Jerry is going to contact Neil Dickinson to see if his spray booth might be available for some spraying soon. Also, Keystone in Lock Haven let us know that our instruments are ready to be picked up. The next work session will be Wednesday, May 16th at 9:30.
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