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Cub Work Session #164

This is a summary of the last five Cub work sessions. Fabric work continued on the Cub with the main focus being tapes on the fuselage interior and control surfaces. It is a slow process that involves careful measuring and different types of fabric tape. Special bias cut tape is used on curved edges where regular tape would pucker. Once the tapes are installed and have dried, the iron is used once again at a lower setting to seal the pinked edges of the tape firmly to the surface. Otherwise they will tend to curl up. In the fuselage, several special reinforcing patches were applied, including a complicated piece where the seat sling will be installed. Once taping is complete on the control surfaces, little plastic drain grommets are glued on the underside trailing edges and then covered with a fabric patch. The last step in all of this will be to give everything a second coat of PolyBrush. Some discussion continued today on where to proceed from there. We may try to completely finish the interior and control surfaces before covering the fuselage, depending on what is decided regarding how and where we are going to do spraying. The next work session will be Saturday, May 12th at 9:30.
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