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Cub Work Session #162

Jerry was away for the last work session. When he came in today, the first thing he did was point out an error we had made with the little reinforcing tape that goes under each rib stitch on the control surfaces. So we undid what we did last time and fixed it. Still, we managed to make good progress. All of the control surfaces are now pretty much complete including the rib lacing and the dollar patches that cover the lacing. Wally used the iron to flatted out some wrinkles and lumps in the interior fabric while several tapes were applied over seams. Chris continued walnut blasting some interior parts in preparation for powder coating. The next step will probably the application of reinforcing tapes along the edges of all the control surfaces and completion of tapes for the cabin interior. The next work session will be Saturday, April 21st at 9:30.
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