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Cub Work Session #145

Today we made progress on the interior fabric and also did some finishing work on the engine. Jerry had ordered a new clamp for part of the exhaust system and it took quite some effort for Jim and Chris to get it installed. Meanwhile, we continued trimming, fitting, and gluing the left side of the interior. By the end we had that side almost completely installed. Work was also begun on the right side panel with the fitting and gluing of the crucial seam at the back. We also spent a little time discussing the different possible strategies for work going forward. Once the interior is in, shrunk, and the two brush coats of Polybrush applied, do we try to somehow completely spray finish the interior before putting on the exterior fabric? Or do we do the exterior fuselage fabric first the then find a way to spray the whole thing? That debate and more fabric work will resume on Saturday, February 17th at 9:30.
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