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Cub Work Session #137

Another good turnout led to much good progress on the engine. Jerry acquired more of the spring clamps for the push rod tubes, so we were able to correct that issue first thing. Soon after that we were joined by Lucia Mencia from the Build-A-Plane group at Hyde Field. With a bunch of kids, they are restoring Mary Fike's Piper Pacer. She had come up to see how we are doing and to ask advice and suggestions regarding painting and engine work. Naturally, Jerry was able to provide lots of useful information, especially concerning their engine which has not been run in over 30 years. Meanwhile, we learned from the first cylinder the proper sequence for everything to go together. As a result, the second cylinder went much more smoothly and quickly. During our next work session on Wednesday, January 17th at 9:30 we may well be able to install the other two cylinders.
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