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Cub Work Sessions #114 & 115

Wednesday, October 4th. Today we worked on a number of things Jerry left us as a to-do list in his absence. One major task was the installation of brake lines, followed by filling with brake fluid and testing for leaks. It took quite a while to accomplish, but in the end the brakes work well with no leaks. Last Saturday we mounted the wings to the fuselage. Our other tasks today mainly involved finishing the installation by connecting aileron control cables and installing jury struts. We spent a little time at the end cleaning up for Thursday's meeting, but more will need to be done Thursday afternoon before the meeting. We plan to move the Cub outside so that it doesn't block the screen. With what we accomplished today, there was little left on Jerry's to-do list, and several usual folks, including Jerry, will not be in town next Saturday so we decided not to have a work session next Saturday. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wednesday, October 11th. Today we finished several tasks that nearly complete our pre-assembly of the Cub. We finished rigging the ailerons and tried to create a template for determining where the aileron cables will penetrate the fabric. (More to be done on that.) The dihedral of the wings was measured and found to be very close to spec. The boot cowl was once again fitted to the airframe in order to firmly establish the mounting of the fuel tank. The fuel tank quick drain was also assembled. Finally, the latch that holds the right side window up against the wing was installed. The next work session will be Saturday, October 14th at 9:30.
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