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Cub Work Session #112

Most of today was spent getting ready for Saturday, when we are hoping to mount the wings. We needed to have the airplane positioned so that we can mount both wings and still get it out through the hangar doors. (The Cub's wing span is a little over 35 feet.) That meant moving the fuselage to the other side of the center pole with room for the tail. In turn, that meant all the stuff in the corner of the room near the work bench had to go elsewhere. Some stuff was moved to the Cub or Zodiac hangars. Other things were consolidated and reorganized. In the end we got it all arranged. We also had a little time to work on the copper brake lines that run down the landing gear leg. Unfortunately, we also discovered that four of our aileron pulleys were the wrong type. We ordered new ones and hope to have them for our next work session, Saturday, September 30th at 9:30.
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