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Cub Work Sessions #110 & 111

September 16. Today was all about details. Before mounting the wings on the fuselage, we need to have all the fittings, pulleys, and hardware on hand and set in place for struts and cables. This involved lots of locating proper hardware and test fitting things together. Another project involved the aluminum tubing for the brake lines. Unfortunately, in the process of working on this, it was discovered that we had purchased the wrong size tubing. Yet another order from Aircraft Spruce. We also completed the task of installing rivnuts along the inboard rib of one wing for mounting the wing root fairings. All of this will continue at the next work session on Wednesday, September 20th at 9:30. The following Saturday, September 23rd, we will be participating in the Women in Aviation event for girls at the NACC. The plan is to take the Cub fuselage down there so the girls can see the engineering that goes into a small plane and how it works. Jerry and others will be on hand to explain things. All are welcome to join us as usual.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wednesday, September 20. Today we continued preparing the wings for test-mounting on the fuselage. Rivnuts were installed along the inboard rib of the right wing. A lot of time was also spent figuring out and assembling the jury strut attachments and fittings. The aileron pulley and hardware for the right wing strut was also put together. There was some further discussion of where and how to mount the ELT antenna. We agreed that the best place is on the upper wing root fairing, but the antenna itself is rather big and ugly. So we?re still mulling alternatives. There will be no formal work session on Saturday, September 23rd. Instead, we are going to wheel the Cub fuselage down to the NACC where it will be part of the program for the Women In Aviation event. Around 80 girls will be attending the event which runs from 10am to 1pm. We will be using the Cub to give girls an opportunity to see an inside view of how things work and have them actually wield a wrench. Right now it looks like we'll have around five chapter members there to help supervise. Others are welcome to join us.
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