Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Sessions #108 & 109

Work continued today on the fuel system and the brakes. Some of the new plumbing parts were installed and more adjustments were made between the cable and valve. Still more to be done there. Chris worked on cleaning and fitting the brake lines that connect to the master cylinders. Meanwhile, we installed the ELT to determine a routing for the antenna cable. As part of that, we installed the old seat sling to be sure the ELT and cable would still be accessible and not interfere with anything. Soon we will be doing a test fitting of the wings and controls, so there was some discussion regarding the logistics of that process. No firm decision was made, but weather permitting, something will likely be done during the next couple of sessions. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wednesday, September 13th. Major changes today. Joe Halleman graciously agreed to allow us to move his Challenger to our Cub hangar so that we have room to move our wings into the chapter house. We plan to soon mate the wings to the fuselage, do rigging and run cables etc. Jerry?s plan is to have the entire airplane complete, less engine, instruments, and fabric in order to make sure everything fits, works, and is complete. The move itself took most of our time, but the rain held off and the process went well. A couple of details need to be done with the wings before mounting them. One was installing rivnuts on the inboard end ribs for attaching the wing root fairings. We also worked on inventorying parts to make sure we have everything in hand to mount the wings. On Saturday, September 16th at 9:30 we will continue work toward getting the wings mounted. .
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