Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #104 & 105

August 26th. Today was spent trying to finish up the to-do list left by Jerry before his trip to Scotland. In spite of an extensive search, we still can't find the other kick plates for the floorboards, so we?ve put that job off for now. It was decided that straps would be better than rope to temporarily fill in for bungee cords on the landing gear. That replacement worked out well. Most of our time was spent trying to figure out tail wheel issues. The tail wheel given to us by Dick Fox is a Maule while our old one was a Scott. There seem to be some differences in how it all goes together. Still, we managed to mount the new tail wheel at least temporarily. As a result, the plane is now sitting completely on its own gear. Jerry will be back for the next work session on Wednesday August 30th. We will soon be test-fitting the wings!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> August 30th. The focus of today?s work session was the new Grove disk brakes. The directions provided with the kit were pretty clear, but still it proved to be something of a puzzle at first. One side required some filing to get the brake to fit the gear leg. But in the end we got both brakes properly mounted. We still need to obtain and run new brake lines from the master cylinders. Toward the end of the session we began looking at the plumbing that will need to be installed with the fuel tank. A number of those parts will need to be ordered. The next work session will be Saturday, September 2nd at 9:30.
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