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Cub Work Sessions #102 & 103

Saturday, August 19th. In spite of a small turnout today, we got a lot done. Martyn finished the job of mounting the new tires on the wheels. Wally finished securing the bottom stringer and trimmed the top stringer. We disassembled and inspected the tail wheel that was donated by Dick Fox. Mike worked on attaching the "buzzer" to the ELT mount that he made. We also began assembling the landing gear struts. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wednesday, August 23rd. Another milestone in the Cub project today. For the first time in over a year, the Cub sat on its own main gear, if only briefly. Before that, one of the landing gear struts had to be worked on to get it to slide smoothly inside the other strut to which bungee cords are attached. Somehow, the inner track on which it slides had been slightly pinched. It took a lot of prying, filing, and grinding to get it to free up and move smoothly. Meanwhile, the ELT bracket was reinstalled and assembly of the wheels was completed by installing the bearings. Finally, the gear was assembled and wheels put on. In place of the bungee cords, Mike demonstrated his knot tying skills by securing the struts with rope. Finally, the Cub was lowered off of the saw horse to rest on its gear. Another small step toward looking like an airplane. More steps will take place next Saturday, August 26th at 9:30.
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