Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Sessions 100 & 101

August 12th and 16th. A lot was accomplished the last two work sessions. It was decided to go ahead and install the bottom stringer, so the fuselage was turned on its side to make that job easier. Tapering the stringer near the tail has proven to be quite a project. Meanwhile, to make room for the new heel plates on the floorboards, two clamps had to be relocated aft. The new tires and tubes arrived and so work was begun putting them together and mating them to the wheels. Mark Gosselin stepped in during that process to see what was going on and we immediately put him to work on it. The first batch of parts returned from the paint shop, so we got our first look at yellow. A second batch, including the boot cowl, was taken to the shop. Mike Hendricks made a mounting plate for the ELT and a new plate for the mag switch and ELT remote switch. Routing for the ELT antenna was also discussed. Dick Fox donated a tail wheel. We will get a look at that at the next work session which will be Saturday, August 19th at 9:30.
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