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Cub Work Session #99

Wednesday, August 9th. More tasks accomplished today on the Cub. The new ELT arrived and some decisions were made regarding how to mount it and the remote switch. Mike is going to make a platform for mounting the ELT as well as a new mag switch plate which will include the ELT remote switch. We are expecting the first batch of parts to soon return from the paint shop, so some time was spent sorting out and deciding which parts should be in the next batch. Hardware was located and fitted for the wing spar attach points and hardware was ordered for the landing gear. The door and window combination was fitted using rivnuts in place of sheet metal screws. And the placement of heel plates on the floorboards was determined. After lunch, Jerry and I flew the Zodiac up to Lock Haven to have the new disk brakes riveted to the wheels. This time we were allowed to land, so we got the job done. The next work session will be Saturday, August 12th at 9:30.
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