Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #97 & 98

Wednesday, August 3rd. Continued steady progress on the Cub today. The slow process of mating the instrument panel to the boot cowl and the airframe is nearly done. One challenge remaining is the location of a hole and bracket to accommodate the primer. Some time was spent discussing the location and mounting of an ELT. It looks like it will probably end up behind the rear seat under the baggage compartment. Now that the floorboards and almost all of the things attached to the floorboards have been installed, attention turned to reinstalling the torque tube assembly and control sticks. The goal is to soon get all of the controls installed, connected, and working. We stopped a little early to clean up for the Chapter meeting tomorrow evening. The next work session will be Saturday, August 5th at 9:30. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Saturday, August 5th. Finishing the cabin interior and controls was the focus of today's session. Good progress was made thanks to a good turnout including two new faces, Joey and Jack. Control sticks, the front seat, rear seat sling attach points, rudder cables, and aileron pulleys were all installed. Having test-fitted almost everything on the fuselage, the process of removing some parts was begun. First to go were the instrument panel, boot cowl, and fuel tank. If all goes as planned, many of these parts will be sent off for painting soon. The landing gear, including wheels, tires and brakes will probably be next to receive attention. The next work session will be Wednesday, August 9th at 9:30.
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