Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Sessions 93 & 94

Saturday, July 15th. Much of today was devoted to welding. Tom Young arrived early and set to work replacing the vertical tube near the left rear window. In a remarkably short time he had that repair completed. He then replaced the window channel and added three clips on the frame that will hold stringers. Many thanks to Tom and his welding expertise! We then continued work on the rather tedious job of fitting up the rudder and brake pedals. The pulley and bracket for the trim indicator wire were also installed and a loop in the fine wire was created which will attach to the horizontal stabilizer. The next work session will be Wednesday, July 19th at 9:30.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wednesday, July 19th. A lot was accomplished today. The trim indicator system consists of a thin wire that runs from the horizontal stabilizer through a pulley to a small tab attached to a spring in the cabin. The trick is to run the wire so that it doesn't interfere with any cables and ends up running parallel with the spring and indicator tab. This process took awhile, but in the end it worked perfectly. Except when we tested it, we discovered that the trim was operating backwards. That was easily corrected, however, and now the entire trim system is complete and working. Meanwhile, work continued once again on the rudder pedal, brake pedal, and floorboard installation. The newly welded tube and brackets were also repainted with epoxy primer.
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