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Cub Work Session 89 & 90

Wednesday, June 28. After a short hiatus, work resumed on the Cub today. Last Wednesday, the 21st, Jerry and I flew the Zodiac up to Lock Haven early in the morning to meet with Clyde Smith (the "Cub Doctor") to have the new brake drums riveted to the wheels and attend the yearly Cub fly-in. Everything went well until we got overhead of Lock Haven prepared to land and were informed that the airport was closed due to a chemical spill from a nearby rail car. We ended up coming back home. Mission not accomplished. The fabric workshop the following Saturday yielded much useful information for the project including a good recommendation to use Ranthane paint as the final finish on the entire airplane, not just the metal parts. Today, we retrieved the fuselage from the Cub hangar and began work on fitting the long aluminum stringers that give shape to the fuselage aft of the cabin. The stringers have to be cut and notched to fit the clips that will hold them in place. It is proving somewhat tricky getting the stringers to be absolutely straight along their entire length. Work on the stringers and other tasks will continue on Saturday, July 1st at 9:30. <<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>> Saturday, July 1. Two steps forward, one step back. Today we worked on getting the three top stringers permanently clamped in place. This required notching out the stringers where the tabs on the frame are inserted to secure the stringers. This was successfully done and all of the stringers came out straight – except one where the tab on the frame somehow broke off entirely. We will need to weld on a new tab. Meanwhile work also continued on fitting the floorboards and figuring out the complex assembly of parts that attach to or through the floorboards. In the midst of all this, Jerry noticed some narrow tubing in the left window frame area that appeared pitted. We removed the paint from the tube to inspect it closer. Jerry declared it questionable and said it should probably be replaced. More welding. Jerry is going to call Tom Young to see if he will come look at it and maybe make the repair. The next session will be Wednesday, July 5th at 9:30.
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