Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Sessions 87 & 88

While the airframe is out of the Chapter House, we continue to make progress with other aspects of the project. The main tasks accomplished today involved the brakes. We earlier purchased a new Grove disk brake conversion that will replace the old and expensive to maintain expander tube brakes. As part of the conversion, holes had to be precisely drilled in the new drums to match the wheels so that they can be riveted together. On the other end of the brake system, the brake cylinders were assembled with new internal parts. Paint is on order and we're still hoping to have some painting done during this month. The next work session will be Wednesday, June 14th at 9:30.<<<<<<>>>>>>>Wednesday: A number of minor tasks were accomplished today. We first filled our repaired fuel tank with water to be sure there are no leaks. Hopefully, we won’t find a puddle of water on the floor next time. We then moved down to the Cub hangar to fix a couple of things on the wings. We had discovered earlier that the six big spar attach bolts on the end of the main spar on one wing were in backwards. That was corrected. Also, one end of one of the false ribs had caught on something and nearly broken off. Jerry made a reinforcement for that and epoxied it in place. Final work on that will be next time. Chis and I paid a visit to the paint shop across the street, but the owner was not available. Chris is going to email him with the fact that we now have the paint and parts ready. Perhaps some painting will get done in the near future.
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