Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #81

Earlier difficulty getting the fuel tank and the boot cowl to match up was traced today to the fuel tank straps being installed incorrectly. So the whole thing had to come apart and be rearranged. Turns out the four straps can only go one way for the filler neck to match the hole in the boot cowl. It was quite a puzzle, but in the end everything matched up perfectly. Our rusty fuel filler neck was sand blasted by Tom Crone and looks brand new. Chris Gunther brought in a portable kit for blasting small parts using walnut shells. He and Wally Wells experimented with using the kit to blast some brake parts, but found that, in spite of their careful set-up outside, the shells tended to go all over the place. Wally has volunteered to bring in a cabinet for the purpose next week. The rudder was also installed and cables attached. Our new Grove disk brakes arrived so we'll start looking at the wheels soon. The next work session will be next Wednesday, May 17th. There will be no work session on Saturday due to our pancake breakfast that day.
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