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Cub Work Session #68

Once we chipped away the ice in front of the door, we continued work on the Cub this very cold Wednesday. The main task was to finish preparing the fuselage and tail feathers for blasting and priming. The torches and wire brushes were used once again to remove the old paint from the last of the tail feathers. Parts on the fuselage that we don't want blasted or painted were covered with tape. A number of adjustments were also made to window channels. A new stringer arrived and some time was spent figuring out the best way to attach it to the clips on the fuselage. Jerry has arranged with the folks in Manassas to take the fuselage and other parts down there next Wednesday, March 22nd. The blasting and priming process will take five days. Because of this, there will be something of a slow-down in work sessions for the next couple of weeks. This Saturday, March 18th, the Frederick Sport Flyers will have their monthly breakfast business meeting at the restaurant. We will probably follow that with some work on inspecting and inventorying parts in preparation for a major parts order. We won’t need a lot of people to do that, so Saturday will not be an official work day. Of course anyone is welcome to join us if they want to anyway. The following Wednesday, March 22nd, the only task will be to load the fuselage, struts, and tail feathers into a rental truck for the trip to Manassas. So Wednesday will also not be an official work day. The weekend after that, some members of the Sport Flyers will be going to Lock Haven for another Cub Doctor workshop so there will be no work session that weekend. Hopefully, the fuselage will return the following week so that our next official work session will be Wednesday, March 29th.
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