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Cub Work Session #65

A good turnout resulted in a lot of progress once again this Saturday. Mike Hendricks built a box that elevates the engine stand high enough to mount it to the front of the airframe. With that we can now rotate the fuselage to work on it. Several guys then continued the task of removing paint using torches and wire brushes. The bulk of that task has now been completed. Meanwhile, others moved the finished left wing down to the Cub?s hangar. One of the next tasks will be to lay out the control systems in preparation for eventual installation in the fuselage. With that in mind, we began gathering and inventorying control system parts. We discovered some parts were missing and conducted a search which only ended when Chris mentioned he had taken some of them home to clean them. Paint removal and sorting out the control systems will continue next Wednesday, March 8th at 9:30.
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