Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #61

An early business meeting of the Frederick Sport Flyers started the day Saturday. We spent a lot of that meeting discussing the logical order for tasks related to the fuselage. Chris Gunther found another possible source for blasting and maybe priming the fuselage located in Manassas VA. Jerry is going to look into ordering the long aluminum fairings that give shape to the upper fuselage. We still plan to use the torch and wire brush method to remove the existing paint if we can get a nice day to do it outside. With our meeting over, we returned to working on the wing. The entire session was once again devoted to the leading edge skins. It was decided that the outer skin adjacent to the tip skin didn’t seem to be flush enough with the adjoining skins, so a lot of time was spent redoing it. Meanwhile, we continued to struggle with attaching the other skins to the back side of the front spar. We ruined a lot of the tiny screws in the process. Still, the job is nearly done and the main task left to accomplish on the wing will be the installation of the control cable. The next work session will be Wednesday, February 22nd at 9:30.
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