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Cub Work Session #59

We started today's session by spending a little time considering how we might mount the fuselage so that it can be rotated. Jerry’s idea was that we might be able to somehow use the engine mount, so we brought that over to the hangar to check it out. With the fuselage upside down, the mount proved to be too short. We’re still mulling ideas of how to either modify the mount or rig up something else entirely. (If anyone out there has any ideas, let us know.) We then turned our attention to the wing. The remaining leading edges were strapped in place except for the tip skin. Then the process of permanently attaching the skins was begun. Lots of measuring, marking, punching, and drilling is required to put in the dozens of tiny screws that secure the skins. We got the bottom done and then flipped the wing over and did most of the top. The skins are also attached to the back side of the spars, which we will do next time along with running the aileron control cable. Mike Hendricks also brought along a torch and wire brush to conduct a short experiment on the fuselage. Tom Young had demonstrated this method to Jerry. The torch was used on a very small section of tubing followed immediately by the wire brush. The paint practically disappeared. It seems to be a good method, but it will definitely have to be done outdoors since it is a somewhat smelly process. The next work session will be Wednesday, February 15th at 9:30.
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