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Cub Work Session #57

Sometimes little things crop up that slow progress. The main task for today was the installation of the leading edge skins. But two items needed attention before we could begin. First, Jerry noticed that braces running from the spars to the inside of the new inboard end rib had actually pulled the rib out of line. Fixing this required removing and relocating the braces to lessen the tension. We then realized that the pitot tubing runs inside the leading edge skin and so needed to be installed first. A series of adel clamps were installed as guides and the tubing put in place. With that done and everything leveled once again, work on the first leading edge skin was finally begun. Careful measurements were made of the spacing between ribs and then the first inboard skin was put in place using straps. And that's as far as we got. The next session will be Wednesday, February 8th. However, the time will be different. On Wednesday we are going to go retrieve the fuselage from Tom Young's shop in Hagerstown. Jerry hopes to get the truck around 8:00 and we expect to be back at the Chapter house by around 10:30. If we have any time left at that point, we will continue work on installing the leading edge skins.
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