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Cub Work Session #42

Jerry, Robert, and Peter attended the three day Cub restoration workshop at Lock Haven this month. The trip proved to be very worthwhile. The "Cub Doctor" Clyde Smith Jr. is very detail oriented and had a lot of good advice and ideas to offer. One piece of advice involved the wooden wing tip bows. He strongly recommended the replacement of the bows, especially since our's isn't perfectly curved. So today's session mainly involved the removal of the old bow and fitting the new one. Once again, screws and fittings that had not been removed since 1946 proved to be stubborn, especially since we had varnished over them. But by the end of the session, the old one was out and a the new one temporarily clamped in place. Work also continued on attaching the leading edge skins. We stopped a little early to clean up for Thursday's Chapter meeting. The next session will be this Saturday, December 3rd at 9:30.
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